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Welcome to Fitness Essex

Welcome to Fitness Essex the most flexible and rapidly expanding Personal Training company in Essex, we aim to be able to train any client at any time and in any location, so taking control of your own health and fitness has never been so easy... [Read more]

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  • Who's ever found themselves asking their trainer, 'how long will it take me to get in shape'? Putting a ASAP on your development?
  • Who's training for summer, what's your training goals, tell us about it and I guarantee you will achieve it we... http://t.co/tE6Uts815r
  • Morning Fit Freaks of Essex, here's some morning humour FE style. Gym fail!! http://t.co/CKqPnikc1f

Recent Testimonials

I have been seeing James for nearly four months and can highly recommend him as a Personal Trainer. He is very thorough with tailoring his sessions to my needs and has incorporated outside exercises as well as indoor exercises which makes for a varied routine... [Read More]

- Wendy Field

I have been training with James for 5 months now and have been amazed at the improvement in my fitness and how my body looks and feels. My goal was to become fitter and gain some muscle definition. I have exceeded my expectations in both of these areas and really look forward to my PT sessions... [Read More]

- Helen French

Recent Blog Articles

Why is fat so important in our diet?

Fat is one of the most essential macronutrients in our daily diet however people stray away from anything with FAT in the name due to the common thought that FAT is BAD! It is a common mistake to confuse the health promoting fats with the life threatening Trans fats and Saturated Fats. So what is a Trans FAT?? A trans fat is a manufactured fat produced by food manufacturers to improve the taste, shelf life and texture of foods. It refers to the unsaturated fats that you see on food labels, they...
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Surprising Foods to Avoid when Losing Weight

Whether you made the popular New Year’s resolution to lose weight back in January, or if you’ve just decided to drop a few pounds for 2013 it can seem like an uphill struggle, especially when you’re stood with both feet planted on the starting line. Here at Fitness Essex we have created the below post to help you to identify which of the foods in your diet could be hampering your progress, and some of the foods may well surprise you! We all know that donuts and cakes are not appropri...
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